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Below are the All4TubeKids scheduled events Posted May, 6, 2010

We are currently accepting video responses for our best video contest. Remember your video has to be about what kind of Justin Bieber things you have and if you want you may also sing one of his songs that you like the most and we will pick winners in different categories. Of course each category must have at least 100 video responses before the contest will be over and winners selected. A minimum of 500 comments need to be posted for those who are in the comment only portion of the contest. See rules for similar video contests below that we have during Spring and Summer and Fall seasons. The one exception to this contest is that we will be picking the winners instead of others who participate. 

How about winning an autographed Justin Bieber picture personally signed by Justin Bieber? Justin Bieber sure has a way to girls hearts. It does not matter if they are 3 year old girls or teen girls. See how Justin Bieber becomes the talk of the town here amongst the various age groups of girls and boys. Justin Bieber plays great music and makes girls cry over him. Will he be kissing more girls soon? Lets see!

See video for the magic question and post your answers as a comment or video response. We will pick the top 3 best answers then we will raffle off the top three to pick the winner. There will be second and third place winners but the top winner gets the signed Justin Bieber picture. Second and third place winners get a best choice certificate from us.

Picking the videos you like best will begin that same day at 9:00 PM EST.

Here is your chance to take part in our next big holiday collaboration and also become a regular video producer here on all4tubekids. We are looking to fill a slot on every Wednesday where you get to post your own video and have your name added to our channel.
There will be 5 top winners that will be selected to be part of our channel. The top 5 will rotate their turn each Wednesday while there may be some extra opportunities where we do a straight 5 which means all five will post their videos Starting on Mondays and having the last video posted on a Friday. We may alternate between those options depending on other scheduled events on this channel.  
The top 5 will also be offered a slot where they can post their own personal photo which best represents them as part of our channel extras. The top 5 winners will also receive a Best YouTube video award presented to them and signed by All4TubeKids.

The best videos will be chosen by all our subscribers who would like to participate in the contest or just for choosing the best videos that are posted. All nominated videos / channels will be tracked on our score keeping website and updated every 24 hours. Only 1 nomination per person and no new accounts after the contest date may place their nominations due to past experiences with those committing fraud to help their friends win. We want this contest to be fun and fair for all as well.

Your audition videos can be as long as you want but we recommend them being no longer than 5 minutes due to the time it would take to watch all the videos if we were to have many participating. Last time we had a similar event we had over 200 video responses and it took some time to sort through all the videos.

Your videos you send as a video response for this audition can be of yourself doing a vlog and just talking about yourself, you can sing, dance, do a parody, act like a comedian, its all up to you. This contest is nothing like the one we had before. We are now offering those to be part of our group and share slots.

We are now sending invitations for our regular weekly channel moderator who will be able to have their own video posted on our channel once a week. This slot is good for 4 weeks and then we send out another invitation to fill the weekly spot for another 4 weeks.

Please be sure to share this video and get the word out. We need at least 100 video responses from 100 different subscribers to make this contest valid so lets reach our goals. Two days after we reach 100 video responses we will ask everyone to start placing all their nominations and the judging will last for 7 days then the contest will be finished. During the the first 3 days of judging we will narrow down the best videos to the top 20 then during the remaining 4 days we will narrow the top 20 winning nominations down to the top 5. Your picks for the videos you like best will be posted as comments under our contest video by our subscribers. We will display the current status on our score keeping website for those who want to keep an eye on the current statistics.

Here is a link to the playlist of all those in the contest: http://www.youtube.com/user/all4tubekids#grid/user/305D2346EDB5139A

See the current status of the contest by clicking HERE

Additional and important rules:

You must wait until 48 hours from the time this video was posted before placing nominations. We will verify that all 100 video responses are actually from 100 different people before we make the announcement for the top 20 break down.

While commenting this video or the videos of those who have entered this contest you must be polite and not use any inappropriate or hurtful comments. Only state your honest opinion and be sure you keep your opinions decent. constructive criticism is welcomed and encouraged to help those work on improving their videos so they can be they best they can be. We advise that you use a comment such as "I like or I pick, or nominate "such and such" and then if you want to add a comment you may also do so.

Anyone caught breaking those important rules will be disqualified from the contest and may also be banned from our channel.

You may visit our website at: http://www.all4tubekids.com

Thank you for your continued support!!

Royalty Free music by Kevin MacLeod

Special thanks to Eden for collaborating with us in this update video!

You can find Eden's channel here:

Score keeping website: http://all4tubekids.com/BestAuditions

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