Auditioning For Acting, Singing, and Modeling

Find your hidden talents and enjoy a new acting career! Get setup for an audition today!

There are so many new talents discovered every single day. It may come to a surprise to you about how someone can even get discovered without even having the intentions of being on TV. There are instances where people have gone to TV show acting auditions which were actually open auditions or cattle calls and they found themselves starring in a popular prime time television show. Great success can be found in TV show auditions due to the television markets being so big.

Youtube has been a great place to express and share your talents with the world. Some have made it to TV by using YouTube as a stepping stone. Joining online talent contests that have been hosted by popular Youtubers is a great way to get yourself noticed. You never know when someone very important in the entertainment industry will find you and ask you to audition to be on a TV show or a commercial. Discover the fun in acting and modeling. More information is provided above.

We are having a few best video contest this summer so feel free to join our contest and get noticed. Current contest information including date and times will be posted here. During our special contest events we will do our best to help you find an agent in your area to help get you into the perfect acting career.

You Can Be Seen on TV Networks Such as:

  1. Nickjr
  2. Nickelodeon
  3. The Disney Channel
  4. Comedy Central

Some Tips For Success

In order to get an audition you or your agent will need to post or send a photo and a resume to the casting director. There may be times when you may get an open call where anyone can come down but these are some of the exceptions, not the rules. Most auditions are usually by invitation only.

If you are ever called for an acting audition you will usually receive a few pages of a script that you will then have to read at the audition. In theater you may also be required to have some sort of monologue readily available.

The first thing that you should do is read the script you were handed and prepare for the part. You should spend some time to find out as much as possible about the character you will be playing. The lines aren't that critical yet. Just take the time to commit your attention on the character. After you have learned everything you need to know about the character then you should start learning your lines.

Before you go to the audition, make sure you dress appropriately for the part. You should wear clothes that best fit the character you portray.

Its best to warm yourself up for the audition, try doing some stretches and some vocal exercises. Read over your lines. Never go in there cold and unprepared. It is absolutely normal to be very anxious or nervous but if you come prepared then you will not be as nervous and you will be able to relax somewhat.

When you arrive at the audition, be sure to sign in. It is possible that you may need to wait for others to read for the same part. It is important to be patient. You should avoid talking with the other actors as this could be a big distraction. Be sure to focus your attention on what you came there for.

When you are actually reading for the casting director, you need to be prepared for anything. Some may just sit and talk with you for a few moments and others may jump right to business. Instead of acting as this were an an audition you should perform as if you were actually in a production. . Remember that first chance to make a good first impression so be sure to do your best. You should convince the director that you are the character. They want you to be the best person possible for the role.

Some of the benefits of a talent contest is getting you noticed by the right people. All you