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Welcome To The  All4TubeKids News Updates

Welcome to the All4tubekids news and information page.

Current All4TubeKids News for May 2010:

We opened a new Twitter account which we will access using our mobile devices as we are on the go. You may find a link on our main channel that takes you to our new twitter page.

We have some great Spring contests running right now. You should check out our events page for the current contests.

The next b biggest news right now is that we just had our All4Tubekids secondary channel partnered in early March, 2010 so now we have more special features like we do on our main channel. Don't forget about our other channel called HealthierLiving which will be mainly about healthy choices. Our Healthierliving channel will have informational videos on how to prepare nutritious meals. We will also discuss dangers associated with chemicals that can harm you and can be found in foods you eat or the cookware you use. We will also talk about ways to reduce your blood pressure and how to maintain a healthy body. Brittany and Brianna's dad will be the main educator of that channel while Brittany and Brianna will be making guest appearances every now and then in those videos. Please visit our new health channel by clicking on our link HealthierLiving

Below are the All4TubeKids previous scheduled events Posted November 21, 2009

We are happy to announce that we have met or exceeded 100 video responses to our contest video. This means we have another 48 hours before official best video selection process begins. You may still post and upload videos up until Monday November 23, 2009 at 8:00 PM EST.  
The best video selection process will begin that same day at 9:00 PM EST.

We are now sending invitations for our regular weekly channel moderator who will be able to have their own video posted on our channel once a week. This slot is good for 4 weeks and then we send out another invitation to fill the weekly spot for another 4 weeks. 

Did you ever want to know how All4TubeKids was created and who came up with the idea? On this website you will find out that and much more!

Feel free to navigate our different links on this page. We are currently developing this website and we will be adding much more material and even games!

Hope you have fun!!

From Brittany, Brianna, and Roland

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